Science & Devolution: Make Mine A Double in September

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What’s better than one night of beer, discussion and politics? Yep – TWO!

After a brief break over the summer, Bradford Politics in the Pub is back with TWO events in September. We’re bringing you two completely different but equally brilliant events this month, both back at our home, Bradford Brewery – so, this September, make yours a double!

Make mine a double, Sherry!
Make mine a double, Sherry!

When Politics and Science Collide (Tuesday 15th September):

We’re proud Bradfordians and we’re delighted that the British Science Festival is coming back to Bradford. The city must have made a great impression last time! We can think of no better tribute to Bradford’s scientific and political history than to discuss the role of science in policy making.image004

Teaming up with the British Science Festival Fringe, we bring you – When Politics and Science Collide.

The University of Bradford, the main host of #BSF15, has been kind enough to lend us one of its finest educators, brilliant researchers and committed advocators of science: Head of Pharmacy & Professor of Pharmacology, Marcus Rattray.

Speaking alongside him will be one of Bradford’s finest political minds and most influential politicians: Leader of the Conservative Group on Bradford Council, Cllr Simon Cooke (Con Bingley Rural).


Join Cllr Cooke & Prof Rattray for a night when you get to decide if politicians should take account of science & be led by scientific principle, knowledge & thought… or if scientists are overstepping the mark & need to understand that there’s more to decision-making than cold, hard science.

Find out more about When Politics & Science Collide or get your free ticket here.

Devolution 1 (Thursday 24th September):

One of the hottest topics in West Yorkshire & across the North, Devolution is coming… but what form will it take? This in the first Devolution debate – we’re sure we’ll need more – and we have two of the heaviest hitters, two of the most powerful people locally when it comes to the direction Bradford, West Yorkshire and further afield take, and two engaging, knowledgeable & passionate speakers.


Dave Green (Lab Wibsey) is leader of Bradford MDC and sits on the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LCR LEP) board, where the decisions about Devolution are being discussed and decided right now. An advocate of West Yorkshire devolution and the person tasked with making it happen for Bradford, Cllr Green will put forth his position on where he sees Bradford within a devolved North and explain how Bradford can get a better deal from increased powers.

Roger Marsh OBE
Roger Marsh OBE

Roger Marsh OBE is, arguably, the most powerful person you’ve never heard of when it comes to devolution. Having a long & illustrious career straddling the private & public spheres, he is Chair of LCR LEP and has worked in & for the North throughout his career, including a secondment to the Cabinet Office, and leading on issues affecting the North as Senior Partner at PWC in Leeds. As the man at the helm of devolution for West Yorkshire, hearing Roger Marsh speak about his & his board’s vision for devolution will give you the finest insight into current thinking on where Bradford’s going.

Join Roger Marsh OBE and Cllr Dave Green to find out where they’re taking us along the road to devolution, ask them if West Yorkshire’s more tempting than a wider North or all-Yorkshire option, and where a regional mayor should sit to ensure we all get a fair share… but remember, both speakers are there to answer to you, so you can ask them why their ideas are best for Bradford and why others aren’t considered.

Find out more about our first Devolution Debate or get your free ticket here.


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