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New Event: Election Special

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Just when you thought it was safe to turn the news back on, here comes another election. But who should you vote for? Which party is best for you and your family? Whose policies should you be voting for? Find out on 30th May at Politics in the Pub’s election special.

For an election special, we’ve got a special format. We’ve invited a representative from each of the five main parties in Bradford: Labour, Conservatives, LibDems, Greens and UKIP. Using a Question Time style, we’ll be asking them your questions, allowing them discuss the topics which are most important to Bradfordians this election. You can propose questions on our Facebook page, and we’ll also send attendees an email a few days before asking for questions; if your question is picked, we’ll let you know a day or two before.

Our Panel:

We’ll update you on panellists this weekend and send an email to all attendees once we have biographies for all the panelists.

Get past the spin and beyond the scare stories; come and meet those in the know and find out which party really represents you.


Naz Shah: In Conversation

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NSVictoryPolitics in the Pub, in association with The University of Bradford Students’ Union, is delighted to welcome Naz Shah as guest speaker to our first ‘on the road’ event, giving us the inside story about how she overcame seemingly insurmountable problems and beat one of politics’ most formidable operators to become Bradford West’s first female, first Muslim MP.

When: Sunday 26th July – 3 to 5pm

Where: The University of Bradford (full details will be emailed to you)

Get your free ticket here

To congratulate her on her victory, and to ask her about the campaign, what she learnt knocking on doors and what her priorities are for the next 5 years, please join Naz Shah, Politics in the Pub, The University of Bradford Students’ Union and Bradfordians from all constituencies at The University of Bradford.

nazshahNaz Shah is the Labour MP for Bradford West, and became both the constituency’s first female and its first Muslim MP by winning out after an often tempestuous and acrimonious campaign. She won the seat with a huge swing from George Galloway and the Respect Party, overturning a 10,000 majority to create an 11,000 majority of her own, with a 25% swing. This was despite her campaign going through any number of trials and tribulations, starting with a shambolic selection process and continuing through high profile battles fought in the media.

PAkhtarAs this is a special event, we’ve also got a special interviewer: Dr Parveen Akhtar of The University of Bradford. Dr Akhtar is lecturer in Sociology and has previously held various research roles across Britain and Europe. She is widely published in her field, having written extensively on political participation, Islam, migration, and social change. She was the loudest academic voice commenting on the Bradford West campaign, and wrote several highly acclaimed articles on Bradford West and its politics.

Bradford West’s campaign is special to us at Politics in the Pub: being one of the most discussed campaigns in the country, all of us, even those not in Bradford West, were caught up in the drama – and it was Bradford West’s campaign which, ultimately, was a catalyst for Politics in the Pub’s creation.

Make sure you join us to ask Naz Shah what the campaign was really like, what it felt like to win and how she’ll change Bradford West for the better – and get your free ticket here.

Although this a Politics in the Pub event, we’re holding it in Student Central of The University of Bradford. Refreshments will be available. Unfortunately, the student bar will be being refurbished – but please come along to Bradford Brewery for the best political after party Bradford has ever seen. Ever!