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Politics in the Pub on BCB

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obama-drinking-guiness-thumbs-up-e1359564382968We really hope you enjoyed our first Politics in the Pub event – What’s the Point in Voting?. We certainly enjoyed putting it on – and we’re already looking forward to the next events.

bcbIn the mean time, take a listen to what Jay Unger of Bradford Community Broadcasting thought of the night – with plenty of interviews from the night… maybe you were interviewed.

Here’s what people said about our first Politics in the Pub event:

It went really well and thank you for asking me – it was relaxed, good humoured and I felt everybody who wanted to say something had the chance to do so – well done! – Cllr Debbie Davies

Thought the event was excellent… Keep up the good work. – Cllr Simon Cooke

Friendly, welcoming and humorous atmosphere. – Feedback via Polldaddy

Open debate, opinions were given fair hearing. – Feedback via Polldaddy

It was in a pub! Very relaxed atmosphere, friendly and welcoming. – Feedback via Polldaddy

Keep it going! It was great for a first event, will definitely come again. – Feedback via Polldaddy

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Does voting make a difference?

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Thanks for coming along. We were delighted to have such interest from party members, supporters, even elected officials, as well as those who aren’t or don’t feel as engaged in politics.

Hope you enjoyed it… and that you’ll be back.

Wibsey Branch Labour Party

A number of Wibsey Branch members enjoyed a very social evening at the inaugural ‘Politics in the Pub’ event at Bradford Brewery on Thursday 25th June where a guest panel discussed the topic ‘Does voting make a difference?’
Pictured L-R Dermot Bolton (host), David Ward (ex Lib Dem MP for Bradford East), Will Robinson (no party – co-founder of Politics in the Pub), Baroness Glenys Thornton of Manningham (Labour), Debbie Davies (Conservative – Bradford MDC Councillor for Baildon).

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Sold Out!

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We’re delighted to report that our first event, What’s the Point in Voting? on 25th June is sold out.

farage_2920457cIf you haven’t got a ticket but would like to come, please leave a comment below and ask to be emailed about new comments; we’ll ask people who have tickets but aren’t coming to leave posts there. To make sure you don’t miss out next time, please sign up to the blog, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

If you have a ticket – congratulations! We look forward to seeing you on 25th for beer, debate and a bowl of chilli at Bradford Brewery.

How do you feel about devolution and do you want an elected mayor?

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_beer-6_2977971kA really popular topic on our first ballot, and one we’ll return to.

Watch this space for forthcoming events covering devolution and elected mayors. We’re hoping to have speakers from Yorkshire First, the Hannah Mitchell Foundation and others, as well as Gerry Sutcliffe and Philip Davies speaking in July and August.

Bradford Council blog

The leader of the Council, Councillor David Green, is asking you to email him your views on devolution and having an elected mayor.

The Government has said that regions who opt for devolution and directly elected ‘metro mayors’ will be given additional funding and powers over transport, including running local bus companies, infrastructure and economic development, policing and health.

Bradford’s local economy has benefitted from additional funding and a stronger voice in lobbying Government for resources, to support local economic growth and improve infrastructure, as part of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

West Yorkshire and the City Region is an area of 3 million people and 106,000 businesses. It has the largest city region economy in the north – the second largest in the country.

Cllr David Green, Leader of Bradford Council, said:

“The combined resources of the local authorities and business in the region can bring greater economic prosperity…

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New Poll: What’s up next, Bradford?

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The ballots have been cast and the votes are in… but there’s always another vote round the corner.

After our first poll, elected mayors and devolution came out top. We’re busy behind the scenes organising some great speakers to come and speak to you!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 13.18.09Watch this space for updates but, as a little taster, we’ll be confirming our August debate soon… with Philip Davies, Shipley’s MP known for speaking his mind not toeing the party line, and Gerry Sutcliffe, former Bradford South MP who’s said he’d love to be West Yorkshire’s first elected mayor, debating the mayoral issue.

And don’t forget that it’s our first event this month: 25th June at Bradford Brewery where Cllr Debbie Davies, former MP David Ward and Baroness Glenys Thornton will do battle against our co-founder and skeptic Will Robinson to debate – What’s the point in voting?. Get your free ticket here.

But, for now, content yourself with voting in our latest poll. What do you want to hear discussed, debated and dissected in Bradford’s burgeoning Independent Quarter?

No matter what they say at our first event, this vote matters!

Will Robinson @fritterfatboy – there’s no point in voting!

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A short taster of what you can expect during Politics in the Pub’s first event from Will Robinson, skeptic, cynic and co-founder of Politics in the Pub…

What if your doctor got their job because 37% of the local community said they’d make a good gardener?

How would you feel if your car mechanic got their job by getting the most Facebook likes?

That’s the process we run our country by. We vote on a very basic set of principles and a large dollop of personalities for a set of people who we want to speak on our behalf in a central location (not geographically central, no, that would be too logical).

These people choose – between only themselves – who should be responsible for the entire economy, our entire foreign policy and running our entire National Health Service. At no point during that job interview did anyone ask for any previous experience, any qualifications or even of any desire to take on those specific roles.

This is one of many reasons why our politicians are losing credibility. Why do we take the effort once every 5 years to cast our votes in the country’s most expensive popularity contest then crawl back to our everyday lives battling through the effects caused by these unqualified, inexperienced people?

Do you agree with me? Do you think that voting is magic trick giving us the illusion of choice? Or do you think the vote I cast every election actually makes a difference to you, me and everyone in the country? Either way, come and hear me speak at our first Politics in the Pub event at Bradford Brewery on Thursday 25th June. I’ll be trying to convince you and my fellow panelists, Baroness Glenys Thornton, David Ward and Councillor Debbie Davies, that voting doesn’t matter.

You can get your free ticket here or learn a little more about the event and the speakers here. We have great speakers, great beer and great company… and if you buy a ticket, Bradford Brewery will even give you a free bowl of chilli to further spice your night.

Event 1: What’s the Point in Voting?

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20081017-politicalbeersDoes voting matter?

Please note: this event has now SOLD OUT!

The general election was followed by many saying that there’s no point in voting, that voting doesn’t change a thing and that many votes were ‘wasted’ as smaller parties which gained a significant proportion of the total vote were denied a voice in Parliament. Others felt that the present system meant that they had to vote tactically, putting a cross not next to their preferred party, but next to the party they felt would keep out the one they liked least. However, for most – with 66% of us casting a ballot, the highest proportion since 1997 – voting is an inalienable right; a demonstration that we the people wield the power; a show of strength and the most important choice we make.

But what difference does voting make?

Come and listen to our expert speakers who will argue, espouse and explain why voting does – or does not – matter. When? Thursday 25th June – 7pm to 9pm and beyond Where? Bradford Brewery – 11 Rawson Road, BD1 3SH Your free ticket is available here*


  • Baroness Glenys Thornton of Manningham (Labour & Co-Op) – Baroness Thornton is Labour’s Shadow Spokesperson for Equalities & Women’s Issues in the House of Lords. Prior to this, she was a Shadow Spokesperson, Government Spokesperson and Government Whip, all in the Lords, has chaired Social Enterprise Coalition and is a former General Secretary of the Fabian Society.
  • David Ward (Liberal Democrats) – David is the former MP for Bradford East and former Bradford Councillor for Idle & Thackley. A Bantams fan, he worked at Bradford City FC to help the club build links with the communities in Manningham, and his interests and work, including charitable, continue in anti-racism and community cohesion. An outspoken figure, he is not one to toe the party line, mince his words or bite his tongue when he believes something needs saying.
  • Debbie Davies (Conservative) – Debbie is Conservative councillor for Baildon and is Bradford Tories’ Spokesperson on Children’s Services. Among her policy interests are literacy and oratory, supporting the Bradford Literacy Campaign and Debating Matters. After graduating in Historical & Political Studies at Huddersfield, she went on to be the agent and secretary for Haltemprice & Howden Conservative Association and was also a parish councillor before being elected to Bradford Council in 2012.
  • Will Robinson (no party) – Will is one of the co-founders of Politics in the Pub and believes that many of us want to be more engaged in politics but thinks that politics needs to become more engaging, putting the onus firmly on the politicians and parties. A natural cynic and skeptic, he’ll be arguing that voting is pointless.
    • Speaker’s Corner: John Atkinson – Why are our kids worth less than London’s?

If you have any questions for our speakers on What’s the Point in Voting? you can submit them as a comment here. We’ll pre-select a few before the night, but there’ll also be a Q&A later in the evening.

 *People with tickets will be given priority entry if the event is overly popular for the room, and will get a free bowl of chilli courtesy of Bradford Brewery.