Who can you expect to hear from when you come to Politics in the Pub? Take a look at who’s spoken before…

Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe (Labour, Windhill & Wrose)Susan Hinchcliffe.jpg

Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe is leader of the council & the ruling Labour group, and campaigned for Remain during the referendum campaign. She has been a councillor for Windhill & Wrose since 2011, and has previously stood for election as MP for Shipley. She was previously on the council’s Executive as portfolio holder for Education, Skills & Culture. A successful business person as well, Cllr Hinchcliffe is the bête noir of the T&A comments section with any story about her always causing gnashing of teeth below the line.

Cllr Simon Cooke (Conservative, Bingley Rural)

CookeCllr Simon Cooke is one of Bradford District’s most senior and outspoken politicians. Leader of the Conservative Group on Bradford Council, Cllr Cooke represents Bingley Rural with vim, vigour and passion, and comments on all things political plus the meaning of life through his blog, The View from Cullingworth.

Cllr Jeanette Sunderland (LibDems, Idle & Thackley)JeanetteSunderland

Cllr Jeanette Sunderland is Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Bradford Council and has been councillor for Idle & Thackley for some 20 years, serving her community and the wider District with distinction. She stood unsuccessfully for parliament against former MP George Galloway and current Bradford East MP Imran Hussain in the 2012 Bradford West by-election. Cllr Sunderland also serves the District on the West Yorkshire Combined Authority board.

Philip Davies MP (Conservative, Shipley)

Davies-Philip-MPAlways outspoken, never afraid of speaking his mind and frequently disagreeing with his own whips when he feels the Conservatives aren’t where they should be, Philip Davies has been Shipley’s MP since 2005, increasing his majority from just 422 to nearly 10,000. He has served on the influential Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee, and was the first MP to publicly call for Britain to withdraw from the EU. Most importantly, though, he pulls no punches and speaks plainly as he’s Parliamentary Spokesperson for the Campaign Against Political Correctness.

Jonn Elledge

jonn-elledge-main-5644c3141f00dJonn edits New Statesman’s CityMetric and is frequent contributor to the New Statesman, The Guardian and other quality news outlets. He is an expert on devolution and the wider political scene, particularly how it affects and is affected by the strength of cities beyond London; he has also reported from the US on their elections. Most importantly, he has called for Bradford to be made capital of the country to demonstrate that the UK is committed to rebalancing the nation.

Cllr Dave Green (Labour, Wibsey)

Cllr Dave Green is the former Leader of Bradford Council and has served as councilor of more than 20 years. A davegreenformer lead on regeneration, Cllr Green sat on the Local Enterprise Partnership & Combined Authority boards, and was part of the discussion on what form devolution in the North will take. Those of you who follow him on Twitter will be aware of #DavesWord but if you don’t agree with his definition, you can always #BlameDave.

Baroness Glenys Thornton of Manningham (Labour & Co-Operative)

Baroness Thornton is Labour’s Shadow Spokesperson for Equalities & Women’s Issues in the House of Lords. Prior to this, she was a Shadow Spokesperson, Government Spokesperson and Government Whip, all in the Lords, has chaired Social Enterprise Coalition and is a former General Secretary of the Fabian Society.

Naz Shah MP (Labour, Bradford West)

NSVictoryNaz Shah is the Labour MP for Bradford West, and became both the constituency’s first female and its first Muslim MP by winning out after an often tempestuous and acrimonious campaign. She won the seat with a huge swing from George Galloway and the Respect Party, overturning a 10,000 majority to create an 11,000 majority of her own, with a 25% swing. This was despite her campaign going through any number of trials and tribulations, starting with a shambolic selection process and continuing through high profile battles fought in the media.

Len Tingle, BBC Political Editor for Yorkshire & North Midlands

Len Tingle is the BBC’s political editor for Yorkshire, reporting & commenting on the region for many BBC TV lentingleprogrammes, most frequently Look North and Sunday Politics, and is a regular voice on the BBC’s local radio stations. He is one of the most informed, articulate and unbiased voices on the political scene across Yorkshire & North Midlands. A Barnsley lad, he’s a former Business & Industry specialist for both ITV and BBC, musing “Think of an idyllic or exotic place and I’ve probably reported from a shop floor, steel mill or coal mine close by – then caught the next flight out without seeing a single tourist attraction”… so it was high time he got rewarded with a visit to somewhere glamorous. Welcome to Bradford, Len.

TimIredaleTime Iredale

Tim Iredale is the BBC’s political editor for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, a proud Yorkshireman and a Bradford resident. He is one of the region’s foremost political journalists, fronting Sunday Politics and Look North’s Hull programme. He once said his scariest moment was asking John Prescott about ‘that punch’.

Roger Marsh OBE

Roger Marsh OBE is possibly the most powerful person you’ve never rogermarshheard of when it comes to politics in West Yorkshire. His career has seen him move between the public and private sectors, including a Senior Partnership at PriceWaterhouse Cooper in Leeds with led on Northern issues, and was seconded to the Cabinet Office as Director General of Strategic Finance & Operations; he has been Chair of Leeds City Region Local Economic Partnership (LCR LEP) for two years. When he appointed to the position, he was described as bringing “unparalleled first hand insight and knowledge of… ‘efficiencies’, ‘reconfigurations’ and ‘policy redefinitions'” – so our first question to him was what that means.

Richard Corbett MEP

richardcorbettRichard Corbett MEP is Labour MEP for Yorkshire & the Humber, and is Deputy Leader of Labour Members of the European Parliament. Originally from Merseyside, serving the area as an MEP, Richard’s first taste of the right side of The Pennines was university in Hull, making his choice to swap Merseyside for Yorkshire again all the easier in 1999 when he first became our MEP. Richard, a speaker of four languages, has written a number of books, enjoys sports and describes himself as “the most boring person you can safely vote for”; but we know that self-depreciatory claim will be made a mockery of when he speaks to you about the EU.

David Ward (former Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East; now Liberal Democrat councillor for Bolton & Undercliffe)

David is the former MP for Bradford East and former Bradford Councillor for Idle & Thackley. A Bantams fan, he worked at Bradford City FC to help the club build links with the communities in Manningham, and his interests and work, including charitable, continue in anti-racism and community cohesion. An outspoken figure, he is not one to toe the party line, mince his words or bite his tongue when he believes something needs saying.

Dr Parveen AkhtarPAkhtar

Dr Akhtar is lecturer in Sociology and has previously held various research roles across Britain and Europe. She is widely published in her field, having written extensively on political participation, Islam, migration, and social change. She was the loudest academic voice commenting on the Bradford West campaign, and wrote several highly acclaimed articles on Bradford West and its politics.

Cllr Ralph Berry (Labour & Co-Operative, Wibsey)

Cllr Berry is Health & Social Care portfolio holder represents the people of Wibsey. He has worked in probationary and social services, as well as being an NHS Non-Executive Director. A parent of 3 and step-parent, Ralph’s interests include the Co-Operative Movement, Woodcraft Folk, and railways, with an especially fond place in his heart for the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

Cllr Alun Griffiths (LibDem, Idle & Thackley)

Cllr Griffiths represents the people of Idle & Thackley and is a longstanding senior member of Bradford’s Liberal Democrats. He has also previously stood, so far unsuccessfully, for Parliament in the 2010 (Bradford South) and 2015 (Bradford West) General Elections.

Stewart Arnold (Leader of Yorkshire First)

Stewart Arnold is one of the founders of Yorkshire First. A businessman from the East Riding, he believes in the importance of a central voice for Yorkshire which creates a vibrant Yorkshire that works for all of us within the United Kingdom. He is a vocal proponent of Yorkshire devolution and his thoughts can be read in the local and regional press and through the various groups wanting Yorkshire to have a greater say in its own destiny.

Cllr Debbie Davies (Conservative, Baildon)

Debbie is Conservative councillor for Baildon and is Bradford Tories’ Spokesperson on Children’s Services. Among her policy interests are literacy and oratory, supporting the Bradford Literacy Campaign and Debating Matters. After graduating in Historical & Political Studies at Huddersfield, she went on to be the agent and secretary for Haltemprice & Howden Conservative Association and was also a parish councillor before being elected to Bradford Council in 2012.

Prof Marcus Rattray

Marcus is Head of Pharmacy and Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Bradford. Marcus’ career has included time in Baltimore, London and, as a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow, Australia, America and Singapore researching the treatment of drug users.

TomForthTom Forth

Tom Forth runs imactivate, a software and data company in Leeds. He is also an associate at ODILeeds who promote and work with open data in business. charity, and government. A prolific tweeter and a believer in the NorthernPowerhouse, he has written in support of elected Mayors for years, most recently at CityMetric where he said, “Back in 2012, I was trying to convince anyone who’d listen that we should have an elected mayor in Leeds. The proposal was far from perfect but it seemed like an improvement on the status quo. I’d seen Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson representing London’s interests on the national stage, and I wanted some of the same for my city. Instead of electing a local councillor to collect bins, fix swings, and fill grit boxes, I wanted to elect a mayor to tackle poverty, improve schools, and fix the city’s transport.”

Richard Horsman

Richard Horsman is a Leeds lad with a special love for Bradford. He joined Pennine Radio in Bradford as a copywriter and progressed to Features Editor, Senior Producer and latterly News Editor from 1993-98, by which time the station had been renamed The Pulse of West Yorkshire. He was part of the management team which bought The Pulse in 1995. Since 1998 he’s been a consultant in the radio industry – initially for The Wireless Group, and more recently for the Guardian Media Group, for whom he devised a wide range of educational and outreach activities through the Real Radio (Yorkshire) Media School. The police and the CRE commended his coverage of riots in Bradford in 1995.

Currently, he is Course Leader of Broadcast Journalism at Leeds Trinity University. He was awarded a Teaching Fellowship in 2012 for his innovative work involving undergraduate students in real broadcasting projects for East Leeds FM and Bradford Community Broadcasting.

Andrew Mason (MD New Mason Design)

Andrew appeared on our EU Referendum 2 panel, explaining the possible effects of Brexit on business. New Mason Design is a Bradford-based company specialising in breathing life back into historical buildings, marrying traditional architecture with modern technology, so Bradford, with its wonderful but often unloved architecture, is the perfect marketplace.

Andrew was born in Shipley and had a varied career before graduating from Warwick as a mature student. He travelled Latin America and South Africa working in social housing, getting held up at gun point twice in the process, before returning to Yorkshire. He started working on Bradford’s regeneration 20 years ago and has been hooked ever since. Outside of breathing life back into Bradford’s unloved gems, he is a keen reader, walker & gardener and enjoys the odd pint – so I know we can help him out with the last one.

Dr Ian Horwood

Ian is senior lecturer in History and American Studies at York St Johns; with academic interests in the USA, he is an expert in its military history. Ian studied and worked in Missouri, and his written works include those published by US Army Combat Studies Institute – and an academic study of Biggles.

Dr Mark Baimbridge (Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Bradford)

Mark shared his wealth of knowledge on Britain’s relationship with the EU, his research interests including European economics, political integration and the Eurozone, in our second EU Referendum debate. He has written widely on the subject of economics and Europe, including reporting to the Treasury Select Committee on globalisation and business investment.

Mark is excellently placed to tell us about how the EU affects academia and the possible economic impact of Brexit.

Debbie Jukes (Head of Professional Knowledge)

Debbie spoke at our EU Referendum 2 debate, sharing her experience from her role as Head of Knowledge at a global law firm and responsibility for, amongst other things, the research team and legal libraries. Her team has been actively involved in researching and educating the firm’s clients on the likely impact on them Brexit in legal terms – providing training, seminars, briefings and helping clients build contingency plans.

Debbie is naturalised Yorkshire. She grew up near the Welsh border before seeing the light and moving to Yorkshire nearly 30 years ago for work. She’s a regular at Politicsw in the Pub, bringing along her 18 year old son who, as a politics student, is now capable of out arguing Debbie and the entire family on anything and everything – so we’re offering her family counselling rather than the customary pint given to speakers.

Jax Griffinjaxgriffin

Jax is a proud American and passionate Bradfordian, bringing both the apple pie and the Yorkshire pudding. As the brains, brawn and heart behind Drunken Film Fest, the newest addition to Bradford’s social calendar, she’s already sealed her place in Bradford’s heart; through her work with Curiouser & Curiouser Media and as a professional photographer, she’s can cut through the faff and pick out the salient details you need to know.

David Craig

David is an adopted Bradfordian running his own multi-disciplinary design and architecture studio based in Bradford, and is a director of Assembly Bradford, the co-working space in Rawson Place. He is also a trustee of Shipley’s Kirkgate Centre. Having designed a number of venues in Bradford, including The Record Café, The Beerhouse and Bradford Brewery, David is passionate about the city he is at the heart of regenerating as he follows his passion for spaces and places.