New Event: American Election

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America: land of the brave, home of the free and setting for one of the most contentious, interesting and far-reaching political events in memory. Forget Brexit; forget the Wibsey by-election; welcome to politics American style.

Join our expert panel as we swing Stateside for a look at the American presidency. How did the challengers get there, how are elections conducted over there, and what the hell has hit got to do with us? All will be revealed on 24th October – get your tickets today.

trump-drinkingIn the blue corner: weighing in with billions of dollars, a fanatical following and a deep desire to make America great again – Donald Trump.



In the red corner: weighing in with a presidential pedigree, a “shit ton of famous people” and a promise that we’re Stronger Together – Hillary Clinton.

With one of them to become the next Leader of the Free World, the repercussions of the outcome will be felt across the globe. The two candidates’ campaigns have both been mired in controversy but whichever wins, the world will look very different come election day. Their policy positions are miles apart – but do you know where you stand? Get past the facades and find out what Clinton & Trump stand for, who you agree with and which you’d like to see in the Oval Office.

For a special event, we have an extra-special panel. They bring the knowledge of Washington, the experience of a 5 term governor and the authenticity of apple pie, just like Momma used to make; combine this with wit, wisdom and a passion for politics and you’ve a recipe for a wonderful night of enlightenment, discussion and the American Dream.

jonn-elledge-main-5644c3141f00dJonn Elledge is a writer, lover of politics and editor of New Statesman’s CityMetric. He’s written on a huge variety of political subjects, from Tony Blair & trades unions to free schools and creationism… and, of course, US elections; he’ll again be winging his way to report from across The Atlantic shortly after the event and has watched The West Wing too many times in preparation. Expect excellence; expect passion; expect knowledge; expect a metropolitan elitist lizard who recently called for Bradford to be made capital of the country.

Dr Ian A Horwood is a senior lecturer in History and American Studies at York St Johns.ian-horwood With academic interests in the USA, and as an expert in its military history, Ian is the perfect person to share the latest insights into what this election means for America, Britain and the world. Having studied and worked in Missouri, he has a keen British eye when it comes to Americana, and his written works include those published by US Army Combat Studies Institute – and an academic study of Biggles.

jaxgriffinJax Griffin is an ideal guest for this debate: a proud American and passionate Bradfordian, she brings both the apple pie and the Yorkshire pudding. As the brains, brawn and heart behind Drunken Film Fest, the newest addition to Bradford’s social calendar, she’s already sealed her place in Bradford’s heart; through her work with Curiouser & Curiouser Media and as a professional photographer, she’s can cut through the faff and pick out the salient details you need to know.

obama-drinking-guiness-thumbs-up-e1359564382968Want to know how the US elections will affect you? Want to know what Americans really think of the candidates? Want to know how skewed our vision of their election is? Want a Bud with a buddy, to share a cup of joe with Friends or to grab a few cervezas with your amigos? Then book your ticket today.


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