New Event: When Politics and Science Collide

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Should all policy be based on sound science? Should politicians have to demonstrate the scientific understanding? Why don’t politicians just do what scientists tell them to?

Join us to debate the role of science in politics – get your free ticket here.

Tuesday 15th September


Bradford Brewery


Politics in the Pub is delighted that Bradford has once again been chosen to host the British Science Festival – and even more so to be asked to host this Festival Fringe event.

Who better to have on the panel than The University of Bradford’s Head of Pharmacy & Professor of Pharmacology, Marcus Rattray? Marcus’ career has included time in Baltimore, London and, as a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow, Australia, America and Singapore researching the treatment of drug users.

Celebrating Bradford’s science and politics is one of the district’s most senior & most outspoken politicians, Simon Cooke, councilor for Bingley Rural and leader of the Conservative group. If you’ve read The View from Cullingworth or follow him on Twitter, you’ll know that he is never afraid to share his opinion… and that his opinions are always thoughtful, reasoned and well researched. But are they scientifically provable?

Get your free ticket here and join us in the British Science Festival Fringe at Bradford Brewery on 15th September.



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