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Event Update: EU Referendum 1

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The biggest question we’ll be asked this year is “Europe: leave or remain?” Politics in the Pub is delighted to bring you all you need to know to make up your mind.


TimIredaleTim Iredale, BBC’s political editor for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, and will stand between our two heavyweight guests to ensure that you get the answers you want. Tim, a proud Yorkshireman and Bradford resident, is one of the region’s foremost political journalists, fronting Sunday Politics and Look North’s Hull programme. He once said his scariest moment was asking John Prescott about ‘that punch’ – so we knew that he was the man to come between Richard Corbett and Philip Davies in a Bier Keller in Bradford.

Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, is an outspoken proponent of #VoteLeave and will spell out the reasons Britain Davies-Philip-MPshould be out of Europe. Parliamentary Spokesperson for the Campaign Against Political Correctness, Philip was the first MP to publicly call for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and will do his utmost to convince you that we’re better off out.

Richard Corbett, MEP for Yorkshire & the Humber, is a passionate Europhile and will be richardcorbetttelling you exactly why we’re #StrongerIn. Richard is Deputy Leader of Labour Members of the European Parliament and speaks four languages. He describes himself as “the most boring person you can safely vote for” but we know he’ll enthral and engage you in the EU.

We’re delighted to be again ‘on the road’ and what a perfect place for an EU debate we have: Bradford’s Bier Keller on Morley St. We’ve put the oompah band on hold as our guests will have all the oomph needed to convince you.

Tickets are limited so make sure you book today.



Poetry with a Punch: Politics, Poetry & a Pub

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BLF LogoPolitics in the Pub is delighted to be part of Bradford Literature Festival and bringing you Poetry with a Punch, a poetry revue with a finely honed political edge.

Poetry with a Punch has an outstanding line up of political poets who’ll leave you angered, enraged and thoroughly entertained: multifaceted John Hegley will join Bradford’s own Nick Toczek, artist & spoken word performer Asma Elbadawi, writer & artist Jay Bernard, young poet laureate for London Selina Nwulu and journalist Atif Tauqeer, all expertly hosted by Ralph Dartford, co-founder of A Firm of Poets.

Take a double punk spirit with your beer, then Stand Up & Spit with Bradford Literature Festival & Politics in the Pub on 25th May 2016.

Tickets are just £6 (all going to Bradford Literature Festival and their amazing programme) and are available from Bradford Literature Festival.

Can’t make it? See the extraordinary array of political events on at this year’s Bradford Literature Festival.


New Event: EU Referendum 1

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To leave or remain: that is the question. Join Bradford Politics in the Pub for the debate of the year – maybe, even, the debate of the decade – as two of Bradford’s most outspoken commenters on European politics go head to head over the question that will dominate politics for the next few months and beyond. Shipley’s Philip Davies MP will be putting forward the case for leave; Yorkshire & Humber MEP Richard Corbett will argue we’re better off in the EU; ensuring the debate runs smoothly will be our returning guest-Chair, Len Tingle.

  • When: Thursday 31st March 7.30pm
  • Where: Bradford City Centre – exact venue tbc.
  • Tickets: Free from Eventbrite

queen hollande

Len Tingle is the BBC’s political editor for Yorkshire, reporting & commenting on the region for many BBC TV lentingleprogrammes, most frequently Look North and Sunday Politics, and is a regular voice on the BBC’s local radio stations. He is one of the most informed, articulate and unbiased voices on the political scene across Yorkshire & North Midlands. A Barnsley lad, he’s a former Business & Industry specialist for both ITV and BBC, musing “Think of an idyllic or exotic place and I’ve probably reported from a shop floor, steel mill or coal mine close by – then caught the next flight out without seeing a single tourist attraction”… so it was high time he got rewarded with another visit to somewhere glamorous. Welcome back to Bradford, Len.

richardcorbett Richard Corbett MEP is Labour MEP for Yorkshire & the Humber, and is Deputy Leader of Labour Members of the European Parliament. Originally from Merseyside, serving the area as an MEP, Richard’s first taste of the right side of The Pennines was university in Hull, making his choice to swap Merseyside for Yorkshire again all the easier in 1999 when he first became our MEP. Richard, a speaker of four languages, has written a number of books, enjoys sports and describes himself as “the most boring person you can safely vote for”; but we know that self-depreciatory claim will be made a mockery of when he speaks to you about the EU.

Philip Davies has been Shipley’s outspoken MP since 2005, increasing his majority from just 422 to nearly 10,000. Davies-Philip-MPHe has served on the influential Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee, and was the first MP to publicly call for Britain to withdraw from the EU. Most importantly, though, he pulls no punches and speaks plainly as he’s Parliamentary Spokesperson for the Campaign Against Political Correctness. Originally from Doncaster, Philip came to west Yorkshire as a student at University of Huddersfield before embarking on a career with ASDA in customer services then marketing. He enjoys sports, particularly horse racing.

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union? The best place to hear both sides of the argument is right here in Bradford on 31st March. Make sure you get your ticket today.


Oh, what a LOVEly Night!

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Wow! What a night! Love took centre stage as politicians from the full spectrum gathered at The Library Bar to woo potential voters… and what a show they put on.

Thanks so much to all the speakers and all who came to listen. At the end of the night, the politicians got a resounding vote of thanks with a hearty round of applause – and, boy, did they deserve it.

BDPiP Valentine's Special_7 BDPiP Valentine's Special_8 BDPiP Valentine's Special_9 BDPiP Valentine's Special_10 BDPiP Valentine's Special_11 BDPiP Valentine's Special BDPiP Valentine's Special_1 BDPiP Valentine's Special_2 BDPiP Valentine's Special_3 BDPiP Valentine's Special_4 BDPiP Valentine's Special_5 BDPiP Valentine's Special_6 BDPiP Valentine's Special_26 BDPiP Valentine's Special_27 BDPiP Valentine's Special_28 BDPiP Valentine's Special_29 BDPiP Valentine's Special_30 BDPiP Valentine's Special_12 BDPiP Valentine's Special_13 BDPiP Valentine's Special_14 BDPiP Valentine's Special_15 BDPiP Valentine's Special_16 BDPiP Valentine's Special_17 BDPiP Valentine's Special_18 BDPiP Valentine's Special_19 BDPiP Valentine's Special_20 BDPiP Valentine's Special_21 BDPiP Valentine's Special_22 BDPiP Valentine's Special_23 BDPiP Valentine's Special_24 BDPiP Valentine's Special_25

Because the Valentine’s special took so much organising, but was so very, very special, we hope to put on a similar night… next year. In the mean time, look out for future events on the EU referendum, the joy of tax, the NHS and much, much more, all happening right here in Bradford city centre.

Fall in Love with Politics – Politics in the Pub Valentine’s Special

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Tired of the same faces, same arguments, same policies week after week? Bored of the carbon copy bombast? Take a fresh look at politics, hear new arguments and speak to passionate people who might just make you think again about the other parties at our Valentine’s Political Speed Dating event.

Politicians KissingWith around a dozen politicos ready, willing and eager to tempt you to change your mind, you’re sure to find something to bridge the divide… and maybe even cross it.

This is easily our most expansive, exciting and unusual event to date. A whole host of outstanding speakers will be on hand to tell you why they love their politics, and why you should too.

It’s certainly not one to miss!

  • Glyde House (opposite Bradford Ice Arena), Glydegate, Little Horton Lane BD5 0BQ
  • 17th February – 7pm

Booking is essential as we expect this to be yet another sell out – and with these speakers, how could it not be?

Politicians Kissing 3

Naz Shah MP (Labour, Bradford West) – Naz is returning to Politics in the Pub to convince you that Labour’s got it right on women and that their All Women Shortlists are working to make Parliament more inclusive, more representative and better able to work for everyone.

Party leaders Dave Green (Labour, Wibsey) and Simon Cooke (Conservative, Bingley Rural) have both spoken at Politics in the Pub before and will* return to tell you why their respective parties deserve your vote nationally and locally.

Kersten England (Chief Executive Bradford Council) – Kersten is coming along to tell you about the role of the council, how it works and how our society wouldn’t look anything like it does without the vital services it provides.

Hawarun Hussain (Shipley, Green Party) – Hawarun will be hoping to convince you that The Green Party deserves your vote, explaining how it’s not just for veggies & vegans, but filled with local & national policies which will strike a chime with you.

Jason Smith (UKIP) – Jason firmly believes the UK is better off out of the EU and will work tirelessly to convince you that only UKIP’s policies, including but not only voting to leave, is the right way forward.

Yorkshire First – YF believe that Britain’s biggest county needs a stronger voice locally and nationally, and their representative (tbc) will talk up the county and the need for a Yorkshire Parliament.

Ralph Berry (Wibsey, Lab&Coop) – Ralph will be talking about the Cooperative movement and party, and how they link to but are distinct from Labour.

On top of these great speakers, we’ve got representatives of The Co-Operative Party and more – so you’re sure to find something to love.

Find a new political love at Politics in the Pub’s Valentine’s Special – book now to ensure your place at the tables.

Politicians Kissing 2

Politics Pub Quiz at Home – Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas from everyone at Politics in the Pub.

We’re as busy as Santa’s elves, making sure that 2016 is full of debates and discussions covering the full political spectrum. If you have any ideas for topics or speakers, please give us a shout.


In the mean time, for those of you who didn’t make our Christmas Quiz at the brewery (as well organised as it was), why not sit back, relax and have a go at the questions. Remember – no cheating… or this guy’ll be after you!

Blog - TuckerPicture Round – Picture Quiz

Download the Picture Quiz here. There are two parts: a simple ‘Who’s that?’ about politicians from Bradford or with a strong connection to the district. The second parts asks you to make links between the pictures to find places in Bradford; for example,


Round 1 – Bradford Politics

  1. Name the local leaders of the three main political parties in Bradford (Con, Lab, LibDem).
  2. Which former Shipley MP was Chairman of the powerful 1922 Committee, and oversaw Conservative selections at the 1972 election?
  3. Bob, Anne and John are part of which political family associated with Keighley?
  4. George Galloway had a very public spat with the MD of an independent Bradford business during the 2015 election; which business? (Yes, we really asked that; no, not everyone got it)
  5. Where in Bradford can you find a mural celebrating the foundation of the Independent Labour Party in 1893?
  6. In May 2011, Bradford appointed the country’s first female what?

British Prime Minister David Cameron addresses guests at The Creative Campus, Liverpool Hope University where he launched the conservatives "big society" drive on July 19, 2010 in Liverpool, England. The idea of the big society was part of the conservatives general election campaign and aims to put power back into the hands of the public running community and voluntary services.

Round 2 – Political Leaders

  1. Which Liberal Party leader usurped Tony Abbott to become Australia’s prime minister earlier this year?
  2. Who was the first female MP in the UK?
  3. Who was the longest serving non-royal leader of a nation (since 1900)?
  4. Who was the first female head of mainly Muslim country?
  5. Which former army officer became known as the father of the modern Turkish secular state?
  6. Which country had the world’s openly gay head of state?

blog cameron salmondRound 3 -Religion and Politics

  1. Which two nations still reserve places in their parliaments for unelected religious clerics?
  2. How many Lords Spiritual (CofE bishops) are there in the House of Lords?
  3. Which 19th century MP was instrumental in allowing MPs to affirm rather than swear a religious oath when taking their seat?
  4. Which political adviser famously said, “We don’t do God”?
  5. Saudi Arabia bases its legal system on the Islamic Sharia code; which other nations officially use Sharia as part of their legal systems? (Up to 10)
  6. As well as being Head of State, HM the Queen also has some titles relating to her position within the church: what are they?

blog - confusedRound 3 -Who Said That?

  1. “We just thought people in Yorkshire hated everyone else, we didn’t think they hated each other so much”
  2. “If you want something said, ask a man…if you want something done, ask a woman.”
  3. “Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party”
  4. “My head spins. One moment I’m told I’m too edgy, then people say I’m too angry, then that I show too much passion… make your minds up”
  5. “I’ve met serial killers and assassins but nobody scared me as much as Mrs Thatcher.”
  6. “I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman”

blog cleggRound 4 – Who’s in the Spotlight? In this round, the task is to identify the Yorkshire based MP (past or present) finding themselves in media headlines. We’ll give you the headline, the source and the date. (The date is of the news report, not necessarily of the event)

  1. “’Politically correct’ Romeo and Julian play sparks anger”
  2. “-BLANK- has a punchable face, says attacker” – The Scotsman – 27th October 2015
  3. “Nick Clegg calls Lib Dem MP Paris attack tweet ‘stupid’” – BBC News – 15th Jan 2015
  4. “-BLANK- wins Orwell political writing prize for memoir This Boy” – The Guardian – 21st May 2014
  5. “MP accused of ‘xenophobia after complaining that Polish cannot make decent bacon sandwich” – The Telegraph – 25th Apr 2012
  6. “-BLANK- punches protester – BBC News – 16th May 2001

We really hope you enjoyed that, and that you enjoyed all the Politics in the Pub events you came to in 2015.

You can download the answers here – BDPiP – Quiz Answers – and please let us know how you did by leaving a comment in the box below.

From everyone at Politics in the Pub, have a wonderful Christmas, a great new year, and we’d love to see you again in 2016.

Final Answer?

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Fancy joining us at Bradford Brewery as we take over their Wednesday quiz?

Bradford BreweryA bit of fun, a couple of prizes and a chance to socialise with #BDPiPers old and new, the Christmas Social & Quiz will be a night of fun and frivolity with a bit of a political bent. Bring your thinking cap and let us put a smile on your face.

There’s no need to book – just turn up!

If you’re a Facebook fan, you can tell us you’re coming here and get a reminder.

Bradford Brewery 2