An Attempt To Explain What Is Happening With Devolution – Long But Hopefully Clear(ish)

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Were you at our Devolution 1 event with Roger Marsh and Cllr Dave Green? Here are Cllr Green’s thoughts and an update about where devolution is going and what’s happening, with a bit of history and politics all thrown in.

A good read!


The Whys and Wherefores of Devolution

The issue of devolution has been a major talking point in the media and in some political circles since the general Election in May and I believe that we are getting to a point where a decision one way or the other will have to be made. I have tried to write this briefing in a way that takes out some of the bureaucratic language and technical jargon in which the current debate has been couched in to date in an effort to allow a greater understanding of the pros and cons of any devolution deal prior to any decisions being made.

The first point to make is that this is not a Labour agenda, nor necessarily a Local Government agenda. It is being driven by a Tory Government and we are well aware of the dangers of a devolution of blame and cuts…

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