How do you feel about devolution and do you want an elected mayor?

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_beer-6_2977971kA really popular topic on our first ballot, and one we’ll return to.

Watch this space for forthcoming events covering devolution and elected mayors. We’re hoping to have speakers from Yorkshire First, the Hannah Mitchell Foundation and others, as well as Gerry Sutcliffe and Philip Davies speaking in July and August.

Bradford Council blog

The leader of the Council, Councillor David Green, is asking you to email him your views on devolution and having an elected mayor.

The Government has said that regions who opt for devolution and directly elected ‘metro mayors’ will be given additional funding and powers over transport, including running local bus companies, infrastructure and economic development, policing and health.

Bradford’s local economy has benefitted from additional funding and a stronger voice in lobbying Government for resources, to support local economic growth and improve infrastructure, as part of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

West Yorkshire and the City Region is an area of 3 million people and 106,000 businesses. It has the largest city region economy in the north – the second largest in the country.

Cllr David Green, Leader of Bradford Council, said:

“The combined resources of the local authorities and business in the region can bring greater economic prosperity…

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