Will Robinson @fritterfatboy – there’s no point in voting!

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A short taster of what you can expect during Politics in the Pub’s first event from Will Robinson, skeptic, cynic and co-founder of Politics in the Pub…

What if your doctor got their job because 37% of the local community said they’d make a good gardener?

How would you feel if your car mechanic got their job by getting the most Facebook likes?

That’s the process we run our country by. We vote on a very basic set of principles and a large dollop of personalities for a set of people who we want to speak on our behalf in a central location (not geographically central, no, that would be too logical).

These people choose – between only themselves – who should be responsible for the entire economy, our entire foreign policy and running our entire National Health Service. At no point during that job interview did anyone ask for any previous experience, any qualifications or even of any desire to take on those specific roles.

This is one of many reasons why our politicians are losing credibility. Why do we take the effort once every 5 years to cast our votes in the country’s most expensive popularity contest then crawl back to our everyday lives battling through the effects caused by these unqualified, inexperienced people?

Do you agree with me? Do you think that voting is magic trick giving us the illusion of choice? Or do you think the vote I cast every election actually makes a difference to you, me and everyone in the country? Either way, come and hear me speak at our first Politics in the Pub event at Bradford Brewery on Thursday 25th June. I’ll be trying to convince you and my fellow panelists, Baroness Glenys Thornton, David Ward and Councillor Debbie Davies, that voting doesn’t matter.

You can get your free ticket here or learn a little more about the event and the speakers here. We have great speakers, great beer and great company… and if you buy a ticket, Bradford Brewery will even give you a free bowl of chilli to further spice your night.


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