Does Voting Matter?

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diagram_amphora_oinochoe_kylix_being_usedDoes Voting Matter?

Centuries ago, in a Greek taverna, some Athenian stared sullenly into his cup of wine and asked the most important, most aged question that the infant idea of democracy ever spawned: What’s the point in voting?

At Politics in the Pub, your vote matters. You get to suggest topics (at the event, by leaving a comment on the blog, or through Facebook or Twitter) and you get to vote on which topics are discussed here on our blog.

But the only way to have your say is to vote – right here.

Voted? Good. So what happens next?

The winner of each poll will be announced live at the event. We’ll get straight on to getting the best speakers from a broad range of views to come along, tell you what they think and take your questions.

That subject can’t be discussed that night – we need some time to find the right people from the full range of the political spectrum to come, engage and try to persuade you that they’re right and the others are wrong – but our aim is to put that event on within a couple of months, or at least have it booked in for a future event.

_1306987_hague300What’s the point in Voting?

What’s the point in voting? Allow us to explain, explore and discuss at our first meeting. We’ve got some fantastic speakers for our first event who’ll engage you over a pint or two as they tell you why exactly you should take part in elections and how voting changes the world we live in… and a speaker who says it’s all a waste of time and voting matters not one jot.

What do you think? Is voting the cornerstone of our civilisation or an illusion of power? Is an X in the box the most important mark you make or does it just make you cross?

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imagesTopic: What’s the Point in Voting?

Where: Bradford Brewery

When: June – date and time to be confirmed


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