Politics in the Pub

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Politics in the Pub – fine beer; fine company; fine conversation _beer-6_2977971k

Do you know your left from your right; your City Region from your City Deal; your EU from your EEC? Do you want to know more about local, national, European and world politics, from theory and ideology to practice and influence? Do you want to hear from those you vote for about what you’re voting for? And do you want it all in a friendly, relaxed place with plenty of people to discuss and disagree with? Then Politics in the Pub’s for you.

Political engagement in Bradford District is really high… but is our political understanding equally high? Politics in the Pub will bring in expert speakers on a vast array of topics which influence us, our ideas and our politics. They talk; we listen; you influence; and everyone gets a better understanding.

Once a month, great presenters will talk about one topic that really matters. You’ll hear all sides of the argument, get to ask the questions that matter to you, discuss what they’ve said and have a drink in Bradford’s burgeoning Independent Quarter.

Bradford Politics in the Pub’s aims:

  • Share ideas.
  • Share knowledge.
  • Make friends.
  • Have a pint.

Follow to get an email about future events. Vote on which topics matter to you. Leave a commenting suggesting a topic.


One thought on “Politics in the Pub

    Gerry said:
    18 May 2015 at 4.35 pm

    Topic. Plans to repeal the Foxhunting ban.


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